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Welcome to our site and thanks for checking us out!

Chaos Union was formed from a group of friends and family have been playing WoW together for a VERY long time.  Our founders are experienced players who have time tested, loyal friendships. Don't let our name fool you, we are not Chaotic, we are a Union formed from Chaos.  We are laid back, as drama free as possible (lets face it, at all guilds have at least a bit of drama at some point and we won't lie to you and say that it will never happen), and we are out to have fun!  We believe that this is a game and if you aren't having fun, then what's the point?  

Our interests?  We have members who are avid when it comes to:  Raiding (Current and old content), PvP, dungeon running, Pet and Mount collecting, Alt leveling, achievement seeking, and Transmog, just to name a few.  You can check our Gallery,, Facebook page, or our WoW Armory Page, to see some of our Guild achievements.

We are a level 25 guild with all the perks.  We go out of our way to pitch in to help each other out with whatever may be needed when ever we have the ability to do so.  Between our members, we have all professions covered, and are more than willing to help you out with whatever you may  need!  We have 7 Guild Bank tabs and offer guild bank repairs to all members.

We are a PG13 guild, kid and family friendly. LGBTQI friendly. Just friendly in general.  You, your friends, your spouse, your significant other, and yes, even your children, are welcome here.  We have our children here, and if you have kids that play WoW, they will be in good company. 

While we do have some expectations of our members, we aren't going to lay out a ton of "Guild Policies".  We believe that to many Guild Policies only create a lot of politics in a game that already has a set of rules.  And as we have all seen, guild politics only leads to drama.

As stated above, we are pretty laid back, and for the most part, following the 2 rules below will keep you in good standing with-in our family:

Our number 1 rule is to treat others as you would like to be treated. If you follow that rule in game and in life, the rest works itself out.


If you can be reported for it, or if your account can be suspended or banned for it:  don't do it, don't say it!

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